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Get Connected!

Posted: February 10, 2014
By: Dr. Tamara Kulik-Smarch

Everyone benefits from chiropractic care.....that is everyone with a spine and nervous system!  It is not something one needs to believe in or not believe in.  The science shows that chiropractic care will help keep your nervous system and body connected. 

Your nervous system is the master control system over all of your body's other systems and parts.  Without your nervous system functioning properly, your body does not function optimally.  Messages travel from your brain through your spinal cord to all the parts of your body.  A chiropractor helps your body to maintain the flow of those messages throughout your body.  Your body craves a clear flow.  You don't want it to be fuzzy like when you might be trying to listen to a radio station that is not coming in clearly.  The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous, but maintaing a healthy nervous system and spine is of the utmost importance as it controls your entire body.

Chiropractors are specialists trained to locate, analyze, and correct vertebral subluxations.  They can detect these subluxations in a simliar way that dentists can find a cavity.  This is why it is important to maintain regular spinal check ups.  A chiropractor will detect and correct the subluxation in a similar way that the dentist would detect and fix your cavity all before either situation becomes big and painful.  Regular check ups will allow the chiropractor to find problems before you experience the pain, disease, or dysfunction.

Simply put chiropractors will allow your body to stay connected.   Visit your chiropractor and get connected.

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